Research Relating to Plant Rhythms

Summary of the 7 year research at Dottenfelderhof in Germany
by Hartmut Spiess 

The Effects of Planting Dates and Lunar Positions On the Yield of Carrots
by Walter Goldstein and Bill Barber

Summary of Researches in Table Form
by Brian Keats

Summary of Maria Thun's work and Planting Calendar Research 
by Malcolm Gardner

Report on Lawrence Edwards' work with Plant Buds
by Brian Keats

Chronobiology of Trees : Synthesis of traditional Phytopractices and Scientific Research,
as a Tool of Future Forestry
by Ernst Zurcher

Evidence for Lunar-Sidereal Rhythms in Crop Yield
 by Nicholas Kollerstrom & Gerhard Staudenmaier

Report and Analysis of the Spiess Experiments 
by Nicholas Kollerstrom

Lunar Influence on Plants
by Wolfgang Schad